A tall single front door gets the WOW factor added

A single door? What a wonderful way to add light to the entryway!

Your single front door may be the only way to add light to your entryway. It is a great choice. Not only does the decorative glass add glamour to the entrance, Not only does it make you feel like you have something extremely beautiful to look at every day, but additionally it adds value to your home.

We are also not mentioning the wonderful natural light in the entrance.  Many homeowners mention that it takes them a while to get used to the light because they keep thinking the front door is open!  It surprises the homewoner how dark the entrance actually was before the glass was added.   This is a common remark we hear from our customers. They call us and tell us how much better the home looks from the inside and the outside.

Of course we love to make our customers happy.   We have this style on display in our store come in and see it!


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