Add glass to your kitchen cabinets

Did you know it may be possible to add glass to your kitchen cabinet doors?

Sometimes you want to break up the continuity of all solid cabinet doors with some glass panels. If you are not installing new cabinet doors, you may be able to add the glass to the doors you already have. If you have wood doors, and there is a center panel, it is totally possible. Bring a door in to the store with knobs and hinges removed. We cannot accept them attached to the door. They usually simply unscrew with a standard screwdriver.

Before: Solid Cabinet doors

Solid wood panels in the center are carefully cut out. 

After being cut out

An up close look


And finally, A wonderful happy customer

Come to the store with a picture of your kitchen, and perhaps counter material sample. This helps you choose a style of glass that compliments the style of your kitchen. There are a few shown on the cabinet glass page, but there are many more. Colored choices too!

We sell alot of glass shelves. Measure the width x depth in inched. Leave a little wiggle room on the edges, about 1/8 each side at least. We will show you the polished edge you need and the thickness of the glass shelf you need.  Most always a glass door will look best with glass shelves.



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