About Terry Richter

Family owned and operated retail home improvement store for remodel projects related to exterior and interior entry doors for residential homes.

How to accommodate a non standard height exterior door

At some point you may need to replace a non standard height exterior door This may be due [...]

Personal review from a recent customer

Sometimes online reviews are challenging for some customers How nice to get a handwritten review to post in [...]

Tropical Palm leafs on etched glass doors

Want a tropical design for your front doors? We create new design for most customers that want etched glass. [...]

New exterior front doors update these front entryways

Do you want new front doors? New exterior front doors with glass door inserts will update the front [...]

Pineapple stained glass for the kitchen cabinet

Do you love Pineapple stained glass designs? They are great for a kitchen theme and coordinate well with [...]

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