Bathroom mirror frames for existing mirror or new mirrors

You can get a custom made mirror frame for your bathroom mirror

We have just added a new line of frames specially made for bathroom mirrors. Now you can cover a mirror edge that has deteriorated without removing it. All we need is definite sizes of the mirror and the clearance from the edge of the wall. Bring this with you with a picture of your bathroom mirror. Make sure we can see all edges around the mirror. Draw a diagram that identifies all measurements. We will make the frame to cover the entire mirror with proper allowances.

You can also get a new mirror in any size with whichever frame matches your bathroom cabinets or faucets or lighting. We have 35 different finishes and many different profiles to choose from. The extra decorative detail can make a huge improvement in the appearance of  your bathroom decor. This is another decorative factor to consider. If you want to match the decorative style of the room such as lighting, take pictures!



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