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Plain and textured glass for kitchen cabinets

Cabinet glass and glass shelves

We can cut your cabinet glass for you from a variety of glass choices in our showroom.  You can also have cabinet glass etched or leaded glass made to size in custom sizes for all your cabinet needs.  We sell to builders, homeowners, and cabinet shops. Glass shelves look better behind glass cabinets because it lets the light flow through the cabinet.  We can order different thicknesses of shelves and have a nice beveled edge to the shelves also.  Bring your shelf sizes with you when you come in.


  • Cabinet glass with clear textures
  • Kitchen cabinet glass seedy
  • Baroque glass in cabinet door in kitchen
  • Sereemy glass in kitchen cabinets display dishes
  • waterglass in colorful kitchen cabinets
  • Reeded glass in cabinet doors in kitchen
  • Waterglass in dark wood kitchen cabinet doors
  • Cabinet glass with frosted tiled design 4
  • Cabinet glass with frosted tiled design 2
  • seedy glass in white cabinets in kitchen
  • Cabinet glass with brown glass
  • waterglass used in leaded kitchen cabinet
  • Clear glass for cabinet doors to display glassware
  • Cabinet glass with beveled glass
  • Cabinet leaded glass
  • Textured cabinet glass in dark cabinet
  • Cabinet with green glass
  • Cabinet frosted glass for door or cabinet
  • Cabinet glass for home office murphy bed colored glass
  • Cabinet glass for home office murphy bed
  • Cabinet glass with colored glass
  • frosted glass in kitchen cabinet backlit
  • Waterglass in dark wood cabinet doors


Glass cabinets can add contrast on a wall of cabinet doors

Cabinet glass can be used to break up a wall of cabinets. You can used leaded, beveled or textured glass to achieve this effect. We also sell glass shelves  with a wonderful beveled edge to compliment the glass doors.

Frosted glass is kitchen cabinets

Stained glass is an affordable option for a small accent cabinet.

Try making a small cabinet more decorative with a stained glass insert. You can design the stained glass around the theme of the kitchen. You can also choose which glass types you prefer. Clear smooth textures for display inserts or rough textures if more opacity is preferred.

Stained glass insert for a corner kitchen cabinet

Cabinet glass an be used to enhance a kitchen remodel or a bathroom if you want to add a dramatic touch. Please visit The Glass Door store and More showroom at 14972 North Florida Avenue, Tampa, FL 33613, Florida Bears Shopping Center‎ to see all the different types of cabinet glass available for purchase.

Stained glass for kitchen cabinets

Alternating rough vecchio glass and smooth antique glass creates contrast in this stained glass insert for these kitchen cabinets.

Cabinet glass can be used in office furniture also

Notice how the colored glass in the cabinet doors accent the wood finish. They hide clutter inside the cabinet doors also.  Why not make every decorative detail count when purchasing glass for your kitchen cabinets or glass for the furniture cabinet doors?  Clear and textured glass is available.  Glass shelves with a decorative beveled edge is also available.

colored cabinet glass

A few of our clear textured cabinet glass choices

This is just a few of the choices of plain textured glass for cabinets.  There are more not shown that have smooth textures that allow a view into the cabinet but are also decorative.  You will have to come to the store for a quote and see the store samples. Bring all the sizes and quantities with you.

Basketweave cabinet glass NEW


SLIDESHOW:  See some texture cabinet glass choices

  • Baroque cabinet glass
  • Black on Clear Baroque cabinet glassWavy black on clear Baroque cabinet glass. Unique and contemporary. Looks good in dark or light cabinets. Contemporary cabinet glass
  • Cord cabinet glassContemporary or Modern cabinet glass. Completely obscure and shimmery
  • Crackle cabinet glassSemi opaque cabinet glass. Versitile design for modern or traditional cabinets
  • Glue Chip cabinet glassDense obscure cabinet glass. Snowflake pattern
  • Ice Granite glassDense obscure cabinet glass
  • Krinkle cabinet glassSemi opaque cabinet glass. Versitile design. Will mostly hide items in cabinet
  • Large Hammered cabinet glassShimmery and modern cabinet glass. Semi obscure.
  • Master Carre Micro Squares cabinet glassModern cabinet glass. Small squares and textured background will hide items in cabinet
  • Plain Frosted cabinet glassPlain frosted cabinet glass will hide all items in cabinet
  • Rain Glass cabinet glassSemi transparent will hide most items in cabinet
  • Raindrop cabinet glassSemi transparent. Will slightly obscure items and give modern decorative appeal to cabinet
  • Seedy cabinet glassTransparent cabinet glass. Good for displaying items in cabinet
  • Sereemy Cabinet glassTransparent and decorative. Versatile will coordinate with most cabinets.
  • Small Hammered cabinet glassSemi transparent. Modern
  • small reed cabinet glassModern cabinet glass with full obscurity.
  • Taffeta cabinet glassSemi opaque. Wavy glass for cabinets
  • Vecchio cabinet glassSemi transparent. Very versatile and will hide items further from the glass.
  • Vecchio
  • Waterglass clear in cabinetVery transparent. Elegant glass for displaying items in cabinets
  • Wood cabinet glassSemi transparent with heavy woodgrain. More rustic design.


frosted or etched cabinet glass with wave pattern

Etched glass cabinet with contemporary design.

Wine Cabinet Glass Doors

These etched wine glasses and wine bottle were custom designed for a customer who built his wine cabinet in his home. Many other designs are possible depending on your design vision. Come in and discuss what suits your design details in your home.

etched wine glasses on wine cabinet


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