Door installer makes big improvements at these Tampa homes

Are you looking for a door installer in Tampa?

We sell and install Plastpro fiberglass exterior doors all over the Tampa bay area. Whether you are wanting to install exterior front doors or back doors or change your sliding glass doors to french door, we do it all. You can see many examples of past installations through our blog posts or by coming to our showroom in North Tampa.

We always recommend coming to the store with rough measurements and a quick photo inside and outside of the doorway you want to improve. (See our measure guide for the initial measurements needed.)  After that the installers will come to take final measurements. Since we specialize in fiberglass exterior doors, you can be confident your doors will be installed correctly. Many handyman services are not as adept as a specialist. We are prepared to address many difficulties with many different openings around the home and can ensure a proper installation.

Here are a few different recent door installations

This customer had glass doors installed by the builder. The glass in this case is not removable, so we installed new front doors with decorative glass inserts. This solves the privacy problem in the previous doors, since our glass doors have textured glass that distorts the view into the home.

New doors installed in Tampa


CW-07 AUR Lawson Before and after inside

New single fiberglass door with matching sidelight

The homeowner here wanted to replace the old metal door and sidelight. They had begun to rust and the builder did not install the doors correctly. Consequently, the fit needed improvement. The best option is to start over with new prehung doors and all rotproof door frames. These doors have a 20 year manufacturers warranty.   Shown before and after prior to staining.

New door installation makes big improvement for this home front entry

How nice that the homeowner sent a wonderful thank you note and a picture after the door had been stained. Thanks!

Aragon in Plastpro stained fiberglass front door

A painted woodgrain textured front door and sidelight

Another customer sent a wonderful picture once the painting was complete. Thank you so much!

New Plastpro woodgrain door installed and painted


Double doors installed to replace wide panel double doors

We could have cut these doors to add glass inserts except that the panelled area on the doors is too wide. The frames on the glass inserts will cover 24″ x 66″. If your panelled area is wide that measurement will then to be about 26″. These doors must be replaced because there are no glass inserts that will cover that wide of an area. Our door installer installed these double doors with craftsman glass inserts. These door inserts have a very high privacy rating and allow a lot of light into the entry area. Good job guys!

PEM Pemberbrook new doors installed outside view

These are the smooth Plastpro fiberglass doors shown before painting. The pictures show before and after the door installation.

PEM Pemberbrook new doors installed inside view

Our door installer in Tampa replaces these double doors

These double doors are 8 ft tall. The homeowner did not like the quality of the doors or the fit from the previous door installer. Our 8 ft fiberglass doors by Plastpro have steel embedded into the on the inside for extra strength. All Plastpro doors are fiberglass on all 8 sides on all door sizes. This is another feature that makes Plastpro doors unique. They are strong and durable. When purchasing new exterior doors come to our showroom and I can show you the difference between ours and our competitors. We make sure you will not have to install the doors again due to rot and decay or poor workmanship.

Yes we install doors



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