Etched glass transom to match the front doors

Etched transom makes the interior french doors less plain

  • Transom glass with template after glass etchingEtched glass in sandblast booth after glass etching a custom arched transom
  • closeup of etched glass
  • Transom after template pattern is removed
  • Etched glass transom installed in Tampa home
  • Installed transom above french doors
  • etched transom with french doors closed in living room

Thank you to this Tampa homeowner that wanted to match the front door glass to the plain glass transom above her french doors.  This custom made pattern coordinated the decorative style in her home.  We started with the pattern in the front doors and developed a pattern that would simulate the bevel pattern.  Hard to do when you have two different mediums.  But we did.

Etched glass can be used in various places within the home.  We have 100’s of patterns but we make patterns also.   You could have just about any etched glass pattern you would want.  Bring pictures of the area you are remodeling and any design ideas you may have.  We will make an etched pattern that would be perfect.


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