Frosted glass for cabinet doors with diamond pattern

A custom etched glass design for the cabinet doors

Are you tired of a wall of plain cabinets? Try frosted glass for cabinet doors with a design to compliment your kitchen. We have a cabinet cutting service as well as a variety of cabinet glass. Choices vary from frosted cabinet glass to textured cabinet glass to stained glass cabinets.

We wanted to coordinate the frosted glass for  the cabinet design with the cabinet door handles. After trying many diamond designs, we settled on the design shown.  Also important, the customer did not want to see into the glass cabinets. The customer wanted a design rather than plain glass because the backsplash and counter tops were plain. This etched pattern gave the cabinets a little design detail that was needed.

etched glass cabinet glass lineart design.The etched design starts with a CAD design in the glass dimensions for each glass cabinet. After considering how much perimiter is desired, the diamond design is created and made in coordinating sizes for each cabinet. Designing is often more time consuming than the actual glass etching. Using a vinyl cutter, the design is cut and applied to the clear 1/8″ glass. After etching the glass, the glass cabinet panels are washed thoroughly and sealed. To install the glass in the cabinets, we siliconed carefully around the edges.  Now they are ready for the customer to pick up and re-install in their kitchen. We think frosted glass for cabinet doors looks great!

frosted glass for kitchen cabinets with etched glass pattern

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