Janet Forte lesson on Glue chip glass has texture variations

Glue Chip Glass has Natural Texture Variations

Janet Forte of Land O Lakes in the Groves subdivision recently had a complaint about a texture variation in her glue chip glass. Come on Janet! Even your husband said it was fine!  She contacted us and submitted photos she took herself. She must believe that we, as installers are responsible for the natural occurrences when the glass is textured. We are not manufacturers! Our job is to sell, coordinate installation, and submit any problems to our distributors. Does she realize where our authority ends? Does she understand how glue chip glass is made? No!    Well this half – glass – full type person was sure quick to give us a negative review and ignore all we had previously done to satisfy her.  So instead of focusing on how beautiful her door now is her negative insight is depriving her of the joy of her recent home improvement. Quite frankly, maybe it is better to focus on the positive aspect of this home improvement rather than ruining your own enjoyment and the reputation of someone else.

Here are some variations I found in our showroom that illustrate that there is little control over the overall pattern achieved  using the glue chip method to texture glass.  These photos were taken in our Tampa showroom which she visited. One is on the showroom design sample that she purchased. Glue chip glass is beautiful but these variations are not flaws.  Here is the excerpt from our manufacturer rep reply to her:

Showroom sample glue chip variation 1
Showroom sample glue chip variation 2
Showroom sample glue chip variation 3

Glue Chipped Glass Process

This process is achieved by applying a specific glue on smooth glass and allowing to dry completely.  The glue is so aggressive that it pulls off a top layer of glass giving the Glue Chip pattern.  Achieving a totally random pattern on the glass. Take a look at this video which educates you on the glue chip procedure.



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