Kitchen cabinet glass adds a finishing touch

Finishing a kitchen remodel includes kitchen cabinet glass

Cutting the cabinet doors can break up the monotony of all plain cabinets. Both of these customers were recently remodeling the kitchen and wanted kitchen cabinet glass that was more unique.  When you want to display items, this is one of the popular choices among customers and cabinet shops.  We cut the glass to size once their cabinets came in and they secured the glass with mirror clips or siliconed into place.

This shows the above glass doors installed. Thank you to our wonderful customer who sent us this great picture. Notice how just changing a few cabinets adds interest. Both customers on this page chose the same type of glass (Baroque) but there are so many different types, you just have to come in to see them. Bring the cabinets doors with you and remove all hinges and knobs.

Add glass to kitchen cabinets to add interest to the kitchen  

The swirls in this handmade glass are made while the glass is molten with a special glass rake.  Because of this each piece of glass is unique and the swirls are random throughout.  This is also popular glass in glass door inserts because the swirls create distortion but allow light to enter the entryway.

MaryLou Koulendra cabinet glass

MaryLou Koulendra kitchen cabinet glass


A corner cabinet with stained glass

corner kitchen cabinet glass  leaded glass
Another option is a touch of stained glass. This gives you an option to add color or bevels or unique shapes. Stained glass for kitchen cabinets will cost more than cut textured glass because of the time it takes to make and the additional material costs. But you do end up with a glass insert for your kitchen cabinets that is just what you wanted.


When you are remodeling, come by and pick out some glass for your cabinets or furniture. Ask your cabinet maker for the finished cut size and come by to make your choices. If you do not know the exact size get close approximates so the glass can be ordered in advance.




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