Your kitchen cabinet just got prettier

What a wonderful finishing touch stained glass cabinets can be.

Thanks so much for the before and after picture! This wonderful couple just remodeled their kitchen and wanted a glass panel to accent the corner cabinet in the kitchen.  This was a simple design that used bronze glass that accented the granite brown tones.  Just a little color to pull together the cabinet glass panel, the granite and the stain on the wood tone cabinets.   We installed the stained glass panel with clips so in the future the panel can be easily removed if needed.

Remodeled kitchen with stained glass in cabinet door


stained glass corner cabinet in kitchen


You can also change the wood shelves behind glass in cabinets so it is less noticeable.  Usually glass shelves are 1/4″ or 3/8″ with a beveled front edge when used for decorative shelving. We can order custom glass shelves of all sizes for kitchen cabinets or entertainment cabinets. Just have your sizes handy and we will make them to order.




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