We love our kitchen cabinet glass

Stained glass for kitchen cabinet doors

A new home, a new kitchen, and now new glass for the kitchen cabinets.  These small doors needed to add an extra design element to the kitchen cabinets. The all white doors add great contrast to the patina soldered cabinet glass. The bevel cluster  fit but we added extra design elements to fill the space to the edge. The glass this customer choose is Vecchio. It has a rough texture that contrasts well with the smoothness of the bevels. An alternate water glass was added below the bevels which blended well.

Many customers use vecchio glass as a full sheet cut to size in the cabinets also. So many of our customers and cabinet shops uses just textured glass instead of leaded glass or etched glass. It has less design but the advantage is that it is less expensive.  One of the most popular glass choices is water glass and beveled edge glass.

We also sell glass shelves for inside cabinets with glass doors. The standard cabinet shelves, a too bold and detract from the glass fronts. It blends and the edges of the glass is polished for a finished look.

stained glass cabinet door for kitchen cabinets in Tampa home


Cabinet glass installed in white kitchen cabinets above the stove and microwave


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