Mirror frames for bathroom mirrors

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Remodeling the bathroom? Don’t forget the bathroom mirror frame!

Need a new mirror? Want to dress up the one you currently have?  We offer both solutions. All we need is your size!

You can improve your current mirror without removing it with our custom made mirror frames.  We have many different profiles of mirror frames to choose from.  They each can be ordered in prefinished tones ranging from white to black and silver to gold tones. Wood tones are available if you want to match the cabinets in your bathroom. Some customers match the faucets and lighting such as oil rubbed bronze, satin nickel etc. The light color cabinets with oil rubbed bronze faucets and towel bars, etc, would look great with a dark bronze color mirror frame.

You can bring a door with you if you want to choose close wood tones.  The mirror frame profiles can be simple and smooth or carved and ornate. There are quite a lot of varieties.

bathroom mirror with frame added to existing mirror over sink

Mirror frame for a single bathroom vanity

This before and after shows you how the mirror frame dresses up a plain vanity mirror without having to remove the mirror itself. Of course we can sell you a mirror with the frame if you need the mirror also.

We have low profile mirror frames and larger profile frame kits available. Some frames fit over the existing mirror and others are used with the mirror purchase. Additionally, we need to know if your mirror is held in with mirror clips or a track or just mastic on the back of the mirror. Please take the time to measure accurately and bring in a photo of the mirror. You can install this yourself or have our installers install for you.

Silver mirror frame over small vanity

A small vanity can look much better with a bathroom mirror frame to add decorative detail. The choice here is a silver tone with a carved edge. There are 18 different finishes to choose from and 35 different frame profiles so the combinations of choices are large. Lets dress up your bathroom mirror.

bathroom mirror with frame added to existing mirror over sink
large black bathroom mirror frame



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