Office glass doors show off etched palm trees

Decorative etched office doors

Our customer wanted to decorate the office doors with the tropical feel of her indoor and outdoor decor and landscaping. This palm tree etched glass design with birds of paradise were the perfect compliment. The oversized office doors needed a tall slender design to accommodate the height of the doors. The palm tree etched with just half the trunk showing on each side and half the fronds was the perfect design choice. The 24″ width of  these interior office doors was an additional consideration. We chose to fill the bottom with foilage . We decided on the Birds of Paradise which is popular in Florida’s landscaping.  Great choice.

A single etched office door

This design can adapt to many shapes and sizes of doors. We also vary the design with the inclusion of etched Florida sandhill cranes and other variation such as water or grasses. The following design was from a single office door. We chose just palms and foilage. All ideas have to start somewhere, so come in with any ideas you have and we can create from there! Don’t worry, it’s fun!

Single office door with etched glass tropical design
Pantry door custom glass etching with Pantry text

A unique Pantry door

Our customer wanted something that would be simplistic yet contemporary. They also wanted the wording PANTRY to show on the door with a simple swirl .  Etched glass is the only way to affordable add custom decorative details to your pantry doors.  Other stock designs are available with textured glass choices and single or divided lites. That means that the glass area is divided into 3 or 5 equal parts. Single lite means the glass area is all one area with no divisions.  So there are many choices, you just have to find the right choice for your design ideas.   Come in and see us!



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