Shimmering modern decorative glass inserts replace Tampa builders original choice

Your builder won’t choose quite as pretty glass inserts for your home as you would.

This homeowner wanted to change the original glass door inserts in her front doors and sidelights for years.  Finally when all the other home improvements are done, the luxury of upgrading the front doors moves to the top of the list.  This is a fabulous change for this home.  The original silk screened economy glass inserts  are removed and replaced with the modern inserts . These have silver caming and an abstract design with multiple textures and glass bevels.  This is also 3 layers of glass and a total thickness of 1 “.  This makes for a more energy efficient entryway both in the winter and the summer. Many builders will only provide single pane inserts or just economy double pane inserts because of course they need to make the home affordable for the mortgage budget.   The more decorative choices come when the homeowner wants to put a personal touch to their home.  This is beautiful from inside and outside.   We can be sure the neighbours are always admiring the huge change to this entryway.   Lots of compliments but most of all this homeowner loves her home and loves her doors!

Check out the before and after!

Shimmer and shine with before and after

Here I was lucky enough that the customer kindly sent a wonderful “after the painting  picture”

Fiberglass front Double doors with double side lights pained red

What do you think? Do you drive by this home every day?



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