A stained glass transom over the interior french doors

Stained glass is so pretty when you have colors

This homeowner wanted to close off her living room from the front entry with french doors. First the doors must be installed so the arched opening above could be determined. Once the installers are finished, we could come by and make a custom paper pattern.  We resting the stained glass on the top of the door frame.  For the arched area,  we could  used a  flexable moulding around the arched drywall on both sides to hold the stained glass into the wall.  Not a difficult installation at all! The hard part was making the stained glass transom!

Check out the pictures below

  • stained glass transom with swan 1
  • stained glass transom with swan 2
  • stained glass transom with swan 3
  • stained glass transom with swan 4
  • stained glass transom with swan 5



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