New products for a new look at this home.

Unique front doors sometimes create an unusual delay when a manufacturer introduces a new product. That was the case with this unique patterned opaque glass.  This glass insert also has nonwelded seams and glossy black metal caming.  The black areas of the glass is actually black, smooth and glossy also.  The overall appearance is quite dramatic and upscale.  I frequently hear the customer wanting modern designs with “clean lines”,  well this is it!


 It is unique to this glass insert only so from the very beginning of the manufacturing chain, there can be delays and miscommunication.  Sometimes you just never know whet the hangup is. But it is there.  We ended up waiting 4 months which is the LONGEST delay we have ever experienced ever!!!  Most orders are filled in 1 week to 4 weeks by comparison.

This is such a cool design….come  in and see it.   So private, if you had the right size bathroom door you could actually use it there too.   This is an 8 ft  double door, but of course it comes in the standard size for 6’8″.

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