A variation of wrought iron in double 8 ft doors

Not everyone installs full size glass inserts in their tall 8 ‘ fiberglass doors

The wrought iron double doors shows us a variation on the size of glass insert for the 8 ft. double door. The choice some people make when deciding to replace their 8 ft. front doors is to have a partial glass insert.   This is actually the standard size glass insert for the standard 6’8″ doors that looks like a 3/4 size in the larger front doors.   It is just a personal decision what you would prefer.  This glass is also available in the full taller size glass but this customer opted for something different.


The wrought iron is sealed between the inner and outer layer of tempered glass so cleaning is a simple task. The inner glass layer is textured with an antique style glass that compliments the Mediterranean style of wrought iron doors.  It is virtually impossible to see through but does allow light into the foyer.  This is on display in our Tampa showroom.


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A variation of wrought iron in double 8 ft doors

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