Spring is the perfect season to freshen things around the home – cleaning, remodeling or just changing your décor. An easy and affordable way to change things up is to give your front entry a makeover! A new door paint color on your front door could really help accentuate your front entry while immediately boosting your curb appeal 

At The Glass Door Store & More, we partner with five major door and glass insert manufacturers to provide a large array of options to our customers. Most of our pre-manufactured doors come unfinished (unpainted and non-stained) providing homeowners the opportunity to choose their preferred color to match or compliment the exterior of their home. Our customers love this option since it typically saves them money even if they hire a local professional painter to do the work for them instead of paying more to have the manufacturer do it.  

Whether hiring a professional or finishing the door yourself, Plastpro highly recommends customers follow the their online “how-to” painting guide. Following the manufacturer’s guide is the best way to ensure that the door slab is properly painted for the very best outcome.  

Once the door primer is completely dry, apply your favorite exterior grade paint. We curated our 10 favorite exterior door paint colors for the Spring season using Sherwin Williams paint colors. We hope these 10 door paint colors help inspire you as you get started on your home projects this season!