Unique barn doors

barn door with barn door track


Barn doors are specially hung doors with clear or textured glass or solid doors that slide on a horizontal track mounted flat to the surface of the wall. They give you the unique and stylish option without the hinged doors that may often hit furniture in your indoor areas.

Our barn door track can mount to 1 3/8″ or 1 3/4″ doors. We can help you determine style option for you that will help with the opening dimension you may have. Just bring pictures of the opening area along with measurements of the opening width and height.

Glass or no glass? We can help you even if you just want a solid door. Barn doors refer to the track and hardware they hang from.  The actual door can be solid or have glass. Depending on the application, and design details desired, you can choose from a selection of doors.


Barn door with 6 glass panels


Barn door with 3 glass panels


Barn door with 5 glass panels

Rustic Style Barn Doors

Barn doors sometimes need to be wider than a standard door to cover the opening. These doors come in widths of 30″, 36″, 42″, and 48″.  The barn doors are offered in 2 heights, 80″ (standard) and 96″ (for 8′ openings).  Make sure you measure before ordering. The installation of barn doors is typically a homeowners’ DIY project , but we can arrange installation for you if necessary.  They can be custom ordered in a stained finish but most homeowners assemble and stain themselves.

These doors are offered in Knotty Alder or Knotty Alder Barnwood.  They are sanded and ready to paint or stain.

Knotty Alder Barn Door Styles

Stained Barn Doors in Knotty Alder

This shows the same style barn door unstained and urethaned vs stained and urethaned. You can also see the predrilled bolt holes for the ready to assemble door. This feature gives the barn door unique character that less refined doors do not offer.

finishing technique for barn doors

NEW    Barn Door Hardware and Track

3 NEW barn door hardware styles. Hang your interior glass door on a unique track. Fit the barn door hardware to fit the theme of your home. Check out the styles in our store on display. Measure the opening width and height you are trying to cover so we can figure out the correct door size. From there we can determine which track will work.  Take a photo of the area as well as the available wall space on the sizes of the opening.

Barn door Hardware in stock Tampa

Stainless steel Barn door Hardware kit

Barn door Pull Handles in black or stainless steel

Ferris Wheel barn door hardware on single interior door

Horse shoe shaped barn door hardware kit


barn door chalkboard
Custom made chalk board hung with barn door track. Get creative!

Barn door with hinged door combination

Barn doors to master bathroom

These barn doors separate the large opening in the master bedroom to the bathroom.  The doors are interior knotty pine doors stained with a dark wood stain. Many other choices of doors are available also including Knotty Alder, Radiata Pine, glass doors, craftsman shaker style interior doors.  Come in with your opening measurements and a photo of the opening.  Take photos of other design details in your home so we can help you find coordinating door choices.

Moda interior door used as a barn door

See some other EXAMPLES  Here


For lightweight doors or more concealed hardware tracks

This track system is more economical but does not have the decorative detail seen above.  This is best for doors much lighter in weight or only having single pane glass.  In many images the track is covered with a custom built valance painted to match the interior trim around the doors.   At the bottom are images with the exposed track hardware.

double barn door on hidden track
The track is mounted on the living room side
Showing the barn doors closed from the opposite side
Track hidden by a decorative made valance
Showing the barn doors closed. A great space saver
Barn door track hidden behind a custom made valance made with crown moulding.
Barn doors closed to separate the living and dining room.
barn door with mirror

A barn door can be an interesting use of a mirrored door to the master bathroom

barn door for garage to laundry room
The barn door track is mounted on the utility room side with the track remaining exposed.
custom made barn door
The barn door track is used as a closet door and the track remains exposed.


Barn doors with barn door track for bedroom closet

This image shows a double barns door for entrance into the closets in the master bedroom.  The barn door track is mounted on a backer board above the opening and 2 tracks are butted together. Each barn door is restricted to traveling on it’s own track. Look carefully and you will see the guide on the floor at the edge of the door. This will keep the door from swaying away from the wall.