Exterior Pool Bathroom Doors

At The Glass Door Store in Tampa, We install glass inserts in your existing bathroom door or replace the entire prehung door unit.  When replacing doors we use fiberglass doors with a 25 year warranty and all fiberglass edges.   We also only use all fiberglass door frames so your entire project will last without promoting rot and decay which attracts termites with moist wood.  Our philosophy is that better building products will reward you in the long term.  Our expert installers will make sure your project is done right.    Here’s a great example of what you want to avoid:

bathroom exterior door with rotten door and frame

Need New Doors? When you need to maximize your budget, replace your exterior doors with doors that last. Many of the fiberglass doors on the market are not made as well as Plastpro brand fiberglass doors.  Not all fiberglass doors are fiberglass on all 6 sides.  Many have wood vertical edges and/or the top and bottom rails as well.  


installer for prehung doors replaces bathroom exterior door with rotten door and frame

 Plastpro is also made with interior reinforcement that you cannot see.  The vertical edges are extra reinforced from the bottom of the door to the very top.  Other brands just have reinforcement at the door lock area.  So this makes our doors much stronger by comparison.  Our doors are guaranteed by the manufacturer for 25 year minimum. All fiberglass construction and reinforced interior design allows confidence that your building materials will last.  Professional installation will make sure your remodeling project is done properly.

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Your pool bathroom door does more than just access to the pool or back yard or deck area. Its is a source of light for the bathroom and it can be a decorative detail for the home. You also have the added necessity of privacy. This can be solved in functional and decorative ways. Miniblinds between the glass, textured glass, or decorative etched glass designs are common options for homeowners. Find the right option for your exterior bathroom door in Tampa at The Glass Door Store.

Glass door insert for a bathroom exterior door

Etched glass bathroom door

You can solve privacy and decorate with the etched glass designs on textured glass. Come to the store with your measure guide so we can choose the right design for your bathroom.  Take photos that show the layout of the bathroom and the design details in the room. This gives us clues to the correct etched glass design for your home.

Etched-glass-on-rainglass-for bathroom-door


Etched Bathroom Door on Rainglass with Tropical Theme

This etched glass door was made for a client needing a tropical theme to match jungle decor in their bathroom.  The perfect answer is etched glass with a custom design. Leafs and a frosted background with offer privacy and the glass door will keep the bathroom bright at all times.  This is a very affordable custom alternative to miniblinds between the glass. We have 100’s of designs and can redesign a custom design for your bathroom door.

etched leafs on rainglass