This video demonstrates the Plastpro difference in fiberglass door construction.

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Smart consumers know you definitely get what you pay for both in workmanship and building materials.  We do not and will not sell “fall apart soon” builder grade products which unfortunately lure consumers into purchasing products that end up being replaced in just a few short years. Cheaper is not always cheaper.  All our installations are done by our crew  with a minimum 2 men per crew no matter how small the installation.  Get better products and better workmanship and you never regret your purchase decision.   All our doors are 6 sided fiberglass doors with extra strength reinforcement for durability.  Come by and you can really understand the difference because fiberglass doors and frames certainly are not all built the same.

You need to know the size and style you want or need. 

We have at least 100 styles on our showroom floor!  Each style has different availability and options.  You can have a door with no glass, a small half moon, a 3/4 oval, a full oval,  half door size glass , or most popular the full size glass insert.  You can see all options once you are at the showroom.  This is why we encourage the “Come Prepared”  with your rough measurements process.  There’s alot of choices.  Each combination is priced differently, so we keep our pricing  very competative  but it does vary because of all the different combinations!

High Wind Area?

You may be in a high wind area and not even know it. Do to very recent changes, much of our inland areas are now high wind areas.  If you are replacing the doors, this means you may want impact Miami-Dade approved insert products.   Other options are Miami-Dade approved removable protection.   Your address can be checked and a decision can be made in either direction.   Come in and we can take the time to look for you.

How to get a door replacement quote

Come to our showroom and bring your measure guide  for each opening you are replacing. (Top of the left column)  Bring a picture of each opening from the inside and the outside.  The installers will take final measurements once you have decided which product you are most interested in. This method incurs no upfront fees, thus is the fastest, most popular and most efficient.

Measuring the door opening

We will schedule an installer to measure your openings for the true size.  The measure fee of $35 will be refunded against your invoice once you place your order.  No matter which way you go your measure fee will apply to your invoice.

How are fiberglass doors made?

Here are the differences between Plastpro fiberglass doors and door frames.  Plastpro doors are the strongest doors on the fiberglass door market due to the internal construction of the support inside these doors.  

The Plastpro doors have a full stile from top to bottom of the door . All other manufacturers make a stile that is less than half the thickness and only becomes wider at the area of the door handle.  They tout a 12-14″ lock-block” to make their product seem terriffic.   Plastpro has the thick strong stile from top to bottom of the door, that is the leading edge of the door.  This is important because this prevents forced entry into the home.   Often times, this is the area of the door that splits.  

Plastpro also makes the door frame, called the jamb, from composite material shown below.   This is very strong and will never rot, separate, and is easily paintable or stainable.  These products are lifetime products you will never have to replace.   That makes it money well spent!

Here’s some interesting facts about your investment in these building materials:


Plastpro fiberglass doors
Plastpro fiberglass door


100% composite frames are strong and rot proof for the protection you need from humidity and rain. Prevent swelling and decay that is costly to replace and discourages termites from entering your home.

Plastpro fiberglass door frame


Plastpro Fiberglass exterior doors 

Our fiberglass entry doors with exclusive Hydroshield Technology™ feature fiberglass reinforced door skins, full-length composite stiles, and composite top & bottom rails to prevent water infiltration on all six sides.


Additional non-porous protection keeps water from seeping into the door and helps prevent the build up of mold or mildew.


Fiberglass is unmarred by the wear and tear of everyday use and is unaffected by moisture and humidity. Our doors will not rot, splinter or warp like wood, and won’t dent or delaminate like steel.


While other companies may use a few inches of composite material finger jointed to wood at the bottom of their frames, Plastpro is proud to offer 100% full-length composite frames.

All Plastpro fiberglass entry doors feature full length composite stiles to prevent water infiltration into the door and ensures our door will never warp, rot or rust.

rot proof composite plastpo door frames


PF Frame Ensures doorframe and molding will not absorb moisture and resists splitting, rotting and insect damage.


Plastpro’s unique poly-fiber formulation provides durability, support and reliable strength.


Our unique formulation looks and feels like wood, but is stronger and more durable.


Machine, paint, or stain just like wood frames but without the wood hassles.

Replace front entry double doors with Plastpro fiberglass and wrought iron glass inserts


Replace double front doors with double sidelights with modern glass door inserts


french doors in pool area with custom transom


Call us for your door installation needs.  We have installed fiberglass exterior doors all over Tampa bay and have been recommended by past customers to friends and neighbors. We are sure you’ll be please with our products and workmanship.  Come see our huge selection of glass inserts and doors on display in our Tampa showroom.  Just bring your measure guide and a photo of the entryway so we can visualize your project.