How can you add excitement to the plain glass in your home?

You can etch glass to compliment the design theme around your home to match the decor or your favorite theme, or just bring the outdoors tropical theme inside the home.  We also etch glass logos for commercial purposes.  Your logo can be custom designed or matched to your current logo.  Just bring your ideas, and pictures, and we can move forward with a project of your own.    Here are just a few ideas people have done in their homes.


Etched glass for the front entry door

Huge design selection, many different themes. Come with some etched glass ideas and we will pull it together for you.

Pelicans etched on hurricane impact glass front doors

Etched glass for the bathroom

Although we do not install shower enclosurers, we do work with decorators, homeowners, bathroom remodelers, and  most directly with the glass shops to etch custom designs for the homeowner. Just bring a diagram, perhaps photos, and Measurements so I can visualize your project. We will create something unique for you.





Bring a picture of your bathroom before the new shower door is installed.  We can coordinate a  theme for your bathroom and help give you ideas. This client  knew they wanted a tropical bird and foilage.  They are on a conservation area and love the outdoors.   There are so many ideas to work from such as the outdoor surroundings, the pattern in tile, or patterns in wallpaper.  All glass etching starts with an idea! Doesn’t matter if it’s mine or yours, it is just a starting point.  Any graphics or pictures you have are design ideas to start with.

Etched glass transom window above the interior french doors

This unique cut out in the interior wall needed to coordinate with the design in the front doors.  This serves as the main design idea for this etched window. Perfect, it still lets the light flow through!

Etched glass transom window above french doors

Etched glass pantry doors

Think about the areas in your home or business. Do you want a custom pantry door? More privacy in the shower? Do you want a room divider with a custom etched design? Let us know, we can help! Make your home unique, after all…it’s your home!

How to use etched glass for an exterior bathroom door?

When we etch a glass door insert for a bathroom door, it is quite different requirements from the front entry doors no doubt! We use a reverse etching technique on textured glass for full privacy. Because a person is in such close proximity to the glass door, a fully etched design gives all the privacy you would need. It still allows light into the room and there is no inconvenience with blinds applied over the glass. It is wonderful and we can coordinate the design features of your room.  Bring pictures, you would be surprised how little things can be used to base a design around. Don’t forget any measurements also!

etched window


This design could have been anything but maybe their cat was always up in the window peering out at the wildlife.  An etched cat was perfect for this homeowner, It was just what they wanted.  We have done etched frogs, turtles, etc.  Sometimes the homeowner wants just and etched glass geometric pattern.  We can custom make anything you have in mind.



Etched Logos on Entry Doors

When your name is Quail Run RV Campground, guess what a perfect etched glass logo would be!  This started with just and idea from a piece of clip art and the palmetto leafs were incorporated into the design.



We can design your florida bird from a photograph!

etched line art for egret glass etching

Etched glass slideshow examples

Take a look at some other examples on mostly front exterior doors.  As you can see glass etching is very versatile and designs can be adapted for many areas in your home or business. Let’s see what glass etching can do for decorating your home.

Etched tropical glass door designs

etched glass doors with beach theme
etched glass door designs with geometric designs