French doors with grids between the glass on the lanai pool deck.  This all fiberglass frame and 6 sided doors have replaced doors that were warped and rotting with exposure to weather. This will never happen with our doors. Exposure to the sun and rain will not negatively effect our doors, frames and custom made transom above the doorway.

French Doors Selection in Tampa, FL

The Glass Door Store and More has a passion for top quality French Doors and wants to provide you with the best bang for your buck in this category. There are many french doors Tampa choices and stores throughout Tampa Bay that sell these beautiful exterior doors , but none of them offer doors that have the quality, the craftmanship, the security, and most importantly the value that we offer. The only way to really experience the difference in the types of french doors available to the public is to come into our showroom where we have “live” examples of the cross sections of competitors french doors and compare them to ours. If safety and security is important to you then we suggest calling us or visiting us today to see Glass Door Store difference!

rot on frames can be prevented with Plastpro composite all fiberglass door frames

Not all fiberglass doors are created equal!

Most fiberglass doors do not have fiberglass on all 6 sides which makes them vulnerable to termites and water damage.  Our frames and entire outer products for trimming out the final door install are compleately rot proof.  All composite products will guarantee this will be the last time you replace the door.  Now that is where the savings is! We see and hear this all the time.  How many times have we heard frustrated homeowners say they wish they had know the difference!  Come in and we can show you the difference.   You will be a better educated consumer and feel more confident about your construction project choice.

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Replace sliding glass doors

French doors are more energy efficient because the R-value of the doors is very high and the glass is insulated.  The internal miniblinds help shade the interior of the home from penetrating heat thus reducing heat gain into the home. They raise when you want to see out either fully or just partially from the bottom.  You can tilt them or raise and lower the blinds. They are truly versatile to your needs. Best of all the internal miniblinds never need to be dusted.




Internal miniblinds

The controller is on the side of the insert and operates easily with just two fingers. The operation is completed with magnetic controllers that are maintenance free.



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Reinforced fiberglass doors and door frames

Plastpro no rot composite door frames

A french door with a unique decorative glass insert that adds decoration and a view to the outdoors at the same time. This double paned glass door insert is available in silver metal caming only.
You have the grids protected from dust and dirt between the glass so cleaning these french doors is as easy as cleaning clear glass door inserts. 
The miniblinds between the glass are available with and without the grids.  With the grid option, the grids are also between the glass for easy cleaning. 
The magnetic hand controls the vertical up and down movement of the blinds as well as the tilt function of the blind. These have been a wonderful option for many of the back and side doors around the home. 

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