Decorative Glass inserts for nonstandard width 30″ doors

Here is an easy to reference page so you can see what your choices are for new doors that are only 30 inches in width. You can use the standard size variation if you have 32-36″ doors. If you want to cut the doors you have to add decorative glass, this is also a reference page for you.  All these inserts have sidelights (sidepanels) that match. Most people that have 30″ doors have double doors that is known as a 5′ opening. Unfortunately, unless you are willing to widen the opening these are your best choices for decorative glass. Widening the opening is a major task and would increase the cost of door replacement substantially. Usually the floor plan does not accommodate this idea.

Each one of these glass insert choices have a page and slideshow that will show you installed examples

CLICK to ENLARGE each photo below. A link is provided to the standard page below each photo.

No Aileen slideshow

No Crosslines slideshow

No Keaton Beach slideshow


No Madison slideshow


No Heirloom slideshow

No Nouveau slideshow

For etched glass design we have 100’s of designs.

There is no way to see all the design online. These links are available to give you an idea of the possibilities. There are different themes, customize able for you design choices. Let’s make something for you!

Wrought Iron Door inserts for 30″ doors

wrought iron insert for 30 inch fiberglass front doors

No Camilla slideshow

No Pricilla slideshow