Pantry interior doors

Pantry doors can be glass doors too! Get a ready made or something custom. Here are two ideas but there are so many more.  Pantry doors can be solid doors also. We have catalogs for you to see. Take pictures and measurements and come to the store so you can get your estimate. There are so many variables that it is impossible to quote over the phone.

Pantry door with reeded glass modern.jpg

Unique Pantry Doors

Pantry doors with decorative glass can be a focal point for your kitchen. This pantry door has molded glass with a texture that prevents a view into your pantry.  There are 2 options of glass. One pantry door has geometric contemporary lines and the other has a wheat pattern molded into the glass panel.  There are many choices of wood species if you are wishing for a stained door.   Primed pantry doors are intended to be painted.  All are solid wood doors.  All doors must be individually quoted since there are many different combinations available.  Please know your size door needed.   These door slabs can also be used for barn doors.




Etched Pantry Doors

Our etched pantry doors can have any of our 100’s of custom designs.  The options are endless.  Let’s design a pantry door for you!  We would love to create a pantry door that is unique for you and compliments your kitchen.  Just bring in the size door you need and a photo of your kitchen especially the style of the back splash tile and the design of the cabinets.   We use these clues sometimes to design something new for you.   Sometimes people want a theme like tropical, palms, fish, etc.   Think outside the box!


Pantry Laundry or wine room

We have may designs possible for your pantry door.  Let us know a theme or design you have in mind. Most designs are not seen on the website. You can see all available designs in our showroom as well as seeing how we can design a pantry, laundry room or other interior door for your home.  Just bring your size door needed. If you have a contractor, let them provide the specifications for your project.

Panty door on frosted glass so many designs


frosted double pantry doors with etched design

etched pantry door with pelican

Inexpensive Custom Interior Door Option

This pelican is etched onto frosted glass interior door used for the pantry. No worries about seeing any clutter in the panty. This photo was taken before installation but it does show you a custom option for a themed interior door!  He’s guarding the pantry no doubt!