You want a double door but only have room for a single front door?

When you have a single front door with only 1 sidelight, you are most likely stuck with that entryway door configuration.  If you have a single door with 2 sidelights, you may be able to change to double doors.   Well for the single sidelight folks that would like to have a bigger opening, we have a great solution for you!

Consider a single door with a side window that opens

The side windows are actually called sidelights! They are usually “fixed”, meaning that they do not open.  We often build these single door openings with a sidelight that operates like a double door.  This allows the homeowner to open the sidelight when the need to move large items into the home.  The sidelight gives you about 15″ of extra room in addition to the 36″ that the door gives you.   So overall, you have 51″ to bring in couches, refrigerators, etc.  That is very handy.   The extra cost is minimal in most cases, about $50-$75.  

  • How to open the active sidelight
  • The sidelight has a flip lever to unlock it
  • Pull the lever to the unlock position
  • the flip lever opens the sidelight
  • closeup of the flip lever on the active sidelight
  • upper and lower flip levers to open the active sidelight or inactive door
  • how to open the sidewindow
  • move the sidelight with just one hand
  • The side window is opened
  • both the door and the sidelight open for a bigger front entry opening
  • the entryway has a bigger opening to move furniture
  • the side light opens for a full size opening
  • a beautiful crystal glass knob for the door knob

The slideshow illustrates how easy it is to open the side window when you need it.  Take care to make sure the flush bolts enter the drilled holes in the head jamb and threshold when you are closing and locking.   The active sidelights can be built as either inswing or outswing doors.   Did you notice the glass door knob and the matching shape of the entry handleset?  After choosing the door glass, then the handleset is chosen that matches and compliments the style of the glass.  We often help our customers with this choice. No worries !