Front entry glass doors are popular right now, especially in Florida where the sun is mostly shining all year round. It’s easy to fall in love with this home project and today we’re sharing our top three reasons why we fell in love with this industry.  

Masonite Decorative Half Glass Insert

  1. Glass doors add instant curb appeal  

Your home’s front door is the focal point of curb appeal. It’s the first thing guests see when they approach your home – especially if you’re selling your home anytime soon. It’s no wonder realtors place such a high emphasis on a home’s exterior including the front door. Even realtors recommend upgrading the front entry door as a way to affordably add more value and increase curb appeal. One New York realtor even goes as far as to say it’s okay to spend over five figures on a custom door to boost curb appeal.

As  extravagant as that sounds, we propose saving your money for other repairs and remodeling projects by simply adding a glass insert into your existing door! Another option is upgrade the entire unit with a pre-manufactured, fiberglass composite, no-rot system in addition to a glass insert. Investing time and resources on sprucing up the front entrance of your home can be key in making the right first impression. 

  1. Allows more natural light into the home

One of the most popular reasons why customers want to change their front door is to add more natural light into their home. Most new-build homes now come with solid fiberglass doors installed keeping the entryway really dark. In Florida, where the sun is usually shining, most homeowners want to bring a piece of the outdoors into the interior of their home. Adding more light into the home provides an enhanced view from inside the home into the outdoors and makes the home feel more spacious. There are many different types of textures, decorative glass and sizes to welcome more light in while maintaining privacy and security as a top priority.  

  1. Personalization 

Lastly, one of the reasons we love glass doors is that you can personalize your front entry and allow it to be a reflection of you, the homeowner. We have over 500 styles and an array of sizes to choose from including, ½ ¾ or full-size glass that can come in simple texture or decorative glass. Our glass etching services also provide a highly customizable look to your end-product. Having so many options truly helps each homeowner to choose something that is just right and adding a personalized upgrade to their home.  

Though we have a long list of why we love glass doors, allow these top three reasons help you fall in love with the idea of adding glass to your door!